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Everyone around you has it figured out. Your friends are carefree and happy. But you feel…different. Your friends tell you that you worry too much and you need to relax. But you know that high school grades matter, what college you get into matters, and what people think of you matters. 


You’re angry at yourself for not being able to just relax and be yourself. You’re missing out on what people say are the best years of your life because of the constant worrying and pressure to be perfect. 


Living with anxiety can be both frustrating and lonely. I know how hard it can be. I grew up in Severna Park (in the pre-social media era, thank goodness) and know all too well the struggles that come along with this town. But I also know that talking about it is a way to make you stronger and more in control. 


If you’re ready to talk to a therapist that is open minded, understanding, but a little out of touch with what’s cool these days (I will never understand Snapchat or TikTok), then you’ve come to the right place.

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